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We focus on our customer’s specific needs in order to maintain close relationships that promote future business opportunities. Our team is known as the best in the industry due to the company-wide understanding of customer needs.

ProCell has trained and certified technicians in the concealment, RF, and fiber optics field which will meet expansion requirements in any time frame. ProCell ensures quality, dependability, safety, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

Competing technologies are emerging to address the growing nomadic wireless broadband market space and challenging the status quo. These technologies provide even greater opportunities for ProCell, as they promote competition and expansion between the wireless communities.

Company Profile & Experienced Staff

Our premier staff of industry-trained professionals, most with over twenty years of experience, allows ProCell to maintain its reputation as a leading communications contractor.

As the wireless industry is ever changing, ProCell strives to bring solutions to wireless companies in order to reduce the number of issues encountered by wireless customers. We stay ahead of our competition by maintaining contact with Anritsu, the global leader in innovative communication testing, and by using the latest equipment available.

New technologies and advancements have allowed more devices to connect to the internet through wireless connections, requiring our customers to have full penetration into buildings, as well as saturating rural areas. This way, cars, DVRs, and other appliances can be controlled from a wireless device. The demand for more bandwidth is needed, which requires additional antennas and radios. Existing cellular facilities are now requiring LTE fiber optics upgrades to handle the increased data demands from users. In addition to the new build and upgrade schedule, our customer’s typical lease agreements are from ten to twenty years.

Each carrier has over fifteen hundred facilities in the greater Southern California area that all require continuous maintenance. Currently, we provide this service for Sprint, Verizon, Ericsson and AT&T. With our own construction equipment, ProCell is able to specialize in all types of cell towers beyond any and all competitors who often only specialize in one or two areas.


Key Personnel

This is a unique industry with a core group of contractors that have the trained personnel to meet the needs of the customers. As ProCell’s employees have been in the industry for twenty or more years, they are experienced and have built strong relationships with the client base.

ProCell has experience with all types of buildings and property owners. Job sites include high rises, churches, government buildings, schools, and malls. Our experienced crews have completed these jobs within the timeframe with a professional and finished product.


§  Robert Harden Jr. - General Manager

§  Robert Harden III - Vice President

§  Michael Raphael - Business Manager

§  David Stuckey - Market Manager


Safety is the first priority on all of our job sites. We are committed to developing, implementing, and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our construction practices uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet or exceed national standards. To do this, ProCell employs a full-time safety officer to be responsible for the security and protection of all employees and construction sites.

Pro-Cell is committed to ensuring that sufficient training resources are available to implement safety strategy and policy. We establish and measure our safety performance against realistic objectives in order to continually improve our performance. ProCell recognizes the importance and value of effective safety management and acknowledges at all times that safety is paramount. Our staff maintains a strict “safety first” policy. Their responsibilities and dedication to the customer includes developing and embedding safe practices in all of our construction activities.

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